Bandipur is an eco-friendly old city that resembles old Kathmandu Valley and cleanliness is it’s another identity. It won’t be wrong to call this place a living museum showcasing Newa Culture. Meanwhile, Bandipur also boasts traditional and cultural diversity.

Bandipur is seven kilometers far from the Dumre Market in Tanahun. And as there are 57 hotels and 22 homestays you don’t have to worry about where to stay and what to do.

A total of 11 mountain ranges that includes Machapuchhre and Annapurna, can be viewed from Bandipur. This combination of culture and nature has made Bandipur a hotspot for those who are looking for a holiday spot to unwind themselves. Bandipur receives the most number of tourist during September and October however tourists do visit on June- July too.

Bandipur offers rich hill culture, mountain views, and hiking for the travelers who are looking for unique experience. And Newar community dominant this area whereas other ethnic groups the Magar and Gurung also inhabit this land.

It is believed that civilization set up in Bandipur from the 18th century and once neglected buildings have been reborn as cafes and lodges, and temples and civic buildings. This place can has a distinctive European feel having 18th-century style architecture, pedestrian zone and outdoor dining.

Bandipur once used to an important trade route stop on the India–Tibet trade route for centuries. However, the trade route halted as it was bypassed by the Prithvi Highway in the 1960s. Moreover, the trade scenario has since turned to tourism, and remains very much a living community, bustling with farmers and traders going about their business. Pause to savor this unique place.

And taking in consideration about the same Newa community started restoring the glory of the place building homes and made pavements by laying stones. Special precautions are still taken while building houses in Bandipur. And this has created a feeling of once is not enough


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