Selfie or Wefie you name it. It is hard to resist it, if you are at a place that is just awesome. There is a place in Nepal where you will be compelled to take your selfie or wefie. And this stop is known as Selfie Danda (Selfie Hill), located at Khurkot, Sindhuli.

To reach this view point, you need to get to the BP Highway which connects Dhulikhel to Bardibas. It is famous for the sweeping panoramic views along with foggy valley below. Likewise, your cellphone network works seamlessly here reinforcing the urge to get a selfie or wefie.

To reach here you can take a local bus. It is recommended that you take a motorbike to get the fresh air and the view. However, the reason for this place to turn into a selfie hill is not just because of its natural beauty. But to fulfil the mandatory time limit that the government has given to the vehicles due to the alarming high number of accidents on the highway.

The drivers are not allow to speed above 20 km/h and authorities implemented a time card system in 2016. Here, the vehicles have to take at least five hours to traverse the highway. Instead of going by the rules, drivers have developed a way to outsmart the time card system by letting the passengers enjoy their time at Selfie Danda.

No matter what the reason is, Selfie Danda is one such place you should not miss to visit.

Photos: Suresh Yonjan


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