Yomari Punhi or Dhanya Purnima is the festival in Nepal celebrated every year on the full moon day of December. This is the time of year where the heavy labor of rice harvest is over and the storage bins are full. Indispensable to the many ceremonies and festivals of this agrarian valley people is food : food...
Ubhauli Parba is Kirat community’s (Rai, Limbu, Yakha and Sunuwar) one of the important festivals. The Kiratis are the inhabitants of the eastern hilly regions – Bhojpur, Khotang, Dharan and Dhankuta. They celebrate the festival by worshipping their kitchen, sacred religious sites and earth. They are also known as the nature worshipper. The festival is celebrated on Baisakh...
Vivah Panchami
Sita is one among many national heroes of Nepal. Sita is ever exalted as the highest example of womanhood—beautiful, pious, courteous, loyal and unassuming. To her birthplace in Janakpur in southern Nepal thousands upon thousands come from all over India and Nepal to celebrate her marriage to Lord Ram each year on the fifth day of the waxing moon...
Indrayani Jatra
Along with the preparation of Balachaturdashi, Indrayani Jatra (festival) too happens in parallel way. Goddess Indrayani, also known as Lunti Ajima, is one among eight Mother Goddesses of Astamatrika — Bhramayani, Rudrayani, Barahi, Kumari, Baishnavi, Chamunda and Maha Laxmi—in Shakta cult. Meanwhile, Kathmandu valley which in ancient days also known as Nepal and the dwellers here believe in Shakti...
Nepal is home to numerous gods and goddess. Elders are respected as gods here. And there are many rituals and ceremonies that are dedicated to the deceased ancestors. Among them Bala Chaturdashi is one of the important day for the Hindus. This festival is celebrated for the welfare of the departed soul. It is believed in Nepal that for one...




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