The second day of the festival is filled with much excitement and enthusiasm which coincides with Ghode Jatra, the horse festival, is called Dyah Lwakegu ceremony. Portable shrines of the Ajima mother goddesses are brought together at Tundikhel parade ground. Images of seven mother goddesses Lumadhi Ajimā, Kanga Ajimā, Mhaypi Ajimā, Takati Ajimā, Mayti Ajimā, Yatamaru Ajimā and Bachhalā Ajimā are installed on portable shrines.

On this day, children are fed Maraja (a mixture of rice and vegetables) where it is believed that the children who eat Maraja will get away from any kinds of diseases.

Later at night, they are carried on the shoulders of their attendants and assembled at Tundikhel accompanied by the musical bands. Then a ceremony is held when the entourages accompanying them exchange flaming torches symbolizing the meeting of the goddesses.


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