Do you know there is a festival dedicated to friends in Nepal? It’s called Pahanchare or Pasachare. Pasa means friends in Nepal Bhasa and chare means the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight. Likewise, Pahan means guests. This festival is celebrated every year for three days where one can witness, parades of the mother goddesses, mask dance and many more in Kathmandu.

On the third day, the festival ends after Dyah Lwakegu at Ason between three Ajima mother goddesses Lumadhi Ajima, Kanga Ajima and Tebaha Ajima. The palanquin bearers, musicians and followers wear red, blue and yellow caps representing their respective neighborhoods. The processions stop frequently to allow devotees to make offerings to them.

During the Dyah Lwākegu ceremony, participants accompanying the shrines exchange flaming torches as crowds of onlookers fill the market square. Rice flatbreads known as chatānmari are scattered on the palanquins from the rooftops of houses around the square. The festival re-enacts the meeting of the three Ajimā mother goddesses who are sisters.


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