According to Legends, once Indra’s mother, Basundhara, had to take a vow on Nepali date Bhadra Saptami. For this, she needed a Palija Swa a special flower which was not found in the Indra Lok.

She sent her son Indra to Kathmandu, Nepal in search of the flower. Indra sees the flower in a farmer’s garden. On the attempt of picking the flower the farmer captures Indra sensing him as a thief and tie him on wodden pole. Basundhara gets worried when her son does not return and she sends the white elephant Pulu Kisi to Earth. Pulu Kisi arrives at Kigal in search of his master and the locals also captures the elephant.

From that day Pulu Kisi goes through the streets of the ancient city of Kathmandu in search for his imprisoned master in Yenya Punhi also known as Indrajatra.

People view the masked creature with the roar of excitement and laughter. From time to time It does naughty and mischievous things by running through the street knocking anyone that comes in its path and swinging its tail in an amazing manner. Like other dancers, Pulu Kisi also has a team of a musical band and a torch carrier in front.


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