A total of 200 Nepali and international artists representing seven different countries performed across six stages in and around the bustle of Ason. And the occasion was ‘Echoes in the Valley’ (EITV). This is a free biennale music festival that strives to uncover, revive and make relevant Kathmandu’s intangible heritages and disappearing sounds. It aims at transforming small neighborhoods into grand stages for musical conversations across generations of Nepali musicians, and between international and local artists.

With the support from many musician friends, the band Kanta Dab Dab founded this biennale in 2017. Now with two of Nepal’s favorite bands, Night and Kutumba, joining forces EITV is bigger and better this year. But the ultimate core and heart of this festival are the local communities, who basically run the show

The Nepali performances this year included Gurung ensemble from west Nepal performing the Ghatu dance; Hyolmo singers from Helambu; Chyabrung ensemble from the East and musicians from Karnali.

This year onwards, the management added a new component, a lesser engaged aspect that is overlooked in most music festivals: a conversation around music education, accessibility and the future of Nepali music. A was dedicated for the conferencing around these topics with policy makers, stakeholders, musicians, teachers, students in shaping the music education scene in Nepal.

The festival also featured a variety of interactive reading sessions; magic shows; and we have also invited Circus Kathmandu for a host of acrobatic performances. An entire courtyard will be dedicated to children’s literature and songs, with music-making and Ranjana lipi calligraphy workshops. All this was to make the music festival more interactive among family and child-friendly.

In addition, the management team collaborated with a host of organizations for other engaging activities such as guided heritage walks, poetry recitals and pottery workshops. How can one forget food during festival and this festival also had many food stalls serving local delicacies to add to the festive mood of the event.

Photos: Ashoka Shakya (www.ashokashakya.com)
Supported by: www.facebook.com/echovalleyfest


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