The Everest region in Nepal is more than just climbing and trekking, it is a life changing experience and some see it as a journey close to achieving Nirvana. Located in the north eastern province of Nepal, this region is in a world of its own with vast glaciers, icefalls, the...
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. And it is in the Kathmandu Valley that most of the religious and cultural activities take place. And it won’t be wrong to say that these activities taking place in the Valley give identity to the country and her people alike in the international arena. And recently this city of...
If you are the one who wants to experience heaven on earth, that too without much hassle then a visit to Kalinchok is a must. Kalinchowk lies in Dolkha, about 132 kilometers from Kathmandu. You can reach here, by local buses available at Buspark in Kathmandu. The buses leave early in...
The beauty of Gosainkunda enchants people from across Nepal due to its unmatched serenity and bliss. This lake sits in between the icy Himalayas and from atop, resembles a small gem which becomes rock solid in the peak of winter. The lake is not only a natural landmark, but it is a bringer of life in the...
Halesi is one of the ancient and holiest places of Nepal. It is equally popular among Hindu, Buddhist and Kirati.  The situation in the eastern part of Nepal, Mahadev Mahadev is religious as well as touristic place. It believed another Pashupatinath in eastern Nepal. The natural and huge cave is the main attraction of Halesi Mahadev. The...
A Buddhist pilgrimage sites The iconic structures and beautiful ambiance is what you get while visiting any stupa and monasteries in Nepal. And Namo Buddha is the ideal place for short hike along with awakening your spirituality among stupas and monastery. Namo Buddha is located in Kavre district and is about 40 km southeast from Kathmandu Valley.




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